"Sliding Words" video contest rules

1 – Contest description
To enter the contest you may choose a subject according to the following requirements, record a video and send it to us. Requirements:
• Video must show one or more possible usage of Sliding Words application, available on Google Play and Apple Store
• Video must not exceed 1 minute duration time.
2 - Term
Contest ends December 31st 2013, 12.00 am GMT.
3 – How to enter
Joining the contest is completely free. To enter you just have to upload or share your Youtube video on this page.
4 – Video requirements
Video must abide by Facebook and Youtube guidelines and terms of service.Videos that do not abide by the above mentioned rules will be removed upon users' reporting or at the incontestable discretion of this page administrators.
5 – Video usage and copyright
Video Intellectual property and relevant rights are owned by the author, with exception of the conditions mentioned below and the right of usage given to contest administration. Authors are intedend to grant the Contest Administration a licence to play, also with multimedia, the video for this contest and present or future contest advertising purposes. Authors will not receive any compensation or be refunded in any way for their videos.
Authors agree that their names will be published along with video playing and publishing.
Authors are solely responsible for all video contents and they grant to be the sole and exclusive author of the images sent.
Authors agree not to submit any video that infringes any third party proprietary rights, intellectual property rights, industrial property rights, personal or moral rights or any other rights, or to hold the necessary authorization for those contents which require third party consensus (including D.Lgs n. 196/2003 “Personal data protection rules”) before entering this contest and to grant the administrators the rights according to the present rules.
Authors agree that the contest organization is not, in any way, liable or responsible for any third party claim referred to the video submitted for the contest.
6 – Judging
Videos will be evaluated by the community. The one which at the end of the term will have collected most “I Like” will be declared the winner. Final results will be notified on Facebook page.
7 – Contest prizes
The winner will receive a smartphone. The prize will be delivered to the winner home address.

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